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Gang stalking wiki

Gang stalking is a new word for the original meaning of the word mobbing. The original meaning of the word mobbing is psychological terrorization or also “ganging up against someone.” Later people started to use the word mobbing exclusively for harassment in the workplace. That’s why we needed a new word to describe harassment outside of the workplace: gang stalking.

Targeted individual is a new word for marked individual. A marked individual is a person whose rights are systematically violated. Marked individual is the term which is used by mobbing researchers.

Gang stalking is real:

If you still want to deny that gang stalking exists, then you make a fool of yourself.

Gang stalking isn’t rare:

It is however, not possible to forget about gang stalking, and get on with your life because the stalkers use electronic weapons. You never get used to it, just like you never get used to toothache and headache.

Electronic harassment isn’t rare:

Gang stalking has serious consequences for the victims:

The large number of stalkers who go after a target creates an implied threat of violence. All crimes done to the target have to be seen in the context of a threat of violence. For example, stealing from a target has to be seen as robbery. All decisions made by the target have to be seen in the context of a threat of violence.

If you want more insight in gang stalking, then you have to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How do you explain that victims are harassed in just the same way in every country they go, even in countries that are each other’s enemy?

  2. How do you explain that all gang stalkers keep their mouth shut?

  3. How do you explain that no target in the world succeeded in locking the gang stalkers out of his house?

  4. How do you explain that no target in the world succeeded in filming the gang stalkers during illegal entry in his house?

If you are a victim, then watch these movies:

  1. Control factor (2003)

  2. Disturbing behavior (1998)

  3. Existenz (1999)

  4. Strange days (1995)

  5. The brain (1988)


  1. Introduction
    1. History
    2. Mind control
    3. Targeted individuals
    4. Who and why
    5. Principles
    6. Similar crimes
    7. Similar organizations
  2. Gang stalking
    1. Origin of the word gang stalking
    2. Gang stalking
    3. Signs of gang stalking
    4. Notorious cases
    5. Complaints
      1. Complaining to doctors
      2. Complaining to the Home Office
      3. Complaining to the secret service
    6. Tactics
  3. Electronic harassment
    1. Origin of the word electronic harassment
    2. Electronic harassment laws
    3. Signs of electronic harassment
    4. Notorious cases
    5. Complaints
      1. Complaining to the police
    6. Experiences
    7. Technologies
    8. Patents
    9. Devices
    10. RF scans
  4. If you are a target
    1. Testimonies
    2. Countering the perps
    3. Advice
    4. Warnings
    5. Disinfo
  5. Science
    1. Gang stalking
      1. Jean-Nicolas Desurmont (criminologist)
    2. Electronic harassment
      1. International union of radio science
      2. Professor Amin Muhammad (psychiatrist)
      3. Professor Michael Persinger (psychologist)
      4. † Professor Robert Becker (physician)
    3. Implants
      1. Professor Kathryn Kelley (psychologist)
  6. Scientific community
    1. Gang stalking
      1. Dr. Tomo Shibata (sociologist)
      2. Dr. Reidar Visser (historian)
      3. Dr. Keith Labella (attorney)
      4. Former Professor Geral Sosbee (attorney)
    2. Electronic harassment
      1. Former Professor Reinhard Munzert (psychologist)
      2. Dr. Helmut Lammer (geophysicist)
    3. Implants
      1. † Dr. Rauni Kilde (physician)
    4. Articles written by other doctors
    5. Verified doctors
  7. Unscientific resources
    1. Advertisements
    2. Articles
      1. News articles
      2. Magazine articles
      3. Articles written by ordinary citizens
    3. Bible
    4. Billboards
    5. Books
      1. e-books
      2. e-booklets
      3. Printed books
    6. Emails
    7. Kooky stuff
    8. Letters
    9. Manifestos
    10. Poll results
    11. Radio shows
    12. Reports
    13. Statements
    14. Victim stories
    15. Websites
  8. Popular culture
    1. Comic strip albums
    2. Movies
    3. Songs
    4. Operas
    5. Theatre
    6. Video games
    7. Etcetera
  9. Support
    1. Supporting celebrities
    2. Supporting doctors
    3. Supporting organizations
    4. Supporting professionals
  10. About
    1. About the author
    2. About this website
    3. About Wikipedia
    4. About psychiatry


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