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Gang stalking  [edit]

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Gang stalking is stalking by several people who know each other and who have the same intent.

The existence of gang stalking is a scientific fact, which has been published in several scientific journals:

  1. French flag Revue internationale de Criminologie et de Police technique et scientifique, vol. 49, juillet-septembre 2006, pp. 350-373,
  2. French flag Les Cahiers du journalisme, no 18, printemps 2008, pp. 138-164,
  3. International e-Journal of Criminal Science, Artículo 1, Número 3 (2009).

French flag “L’invalidation de certains phénomènes comme le stalking organisationnel par les forces de l’ordre et les psychiatres au profit d’allégations fallacieuses sur le délire de persécution ou la schizophrénie nous semblent des postulats dépassés à l’heure de la radiogoniométrie.” — Jean-Nicolas Desurmont in Communicologie et radiophonie: des fins militaires aux fins éducatives.

A major problem for real victims is that stalkers pose as victims. They spread ludicrous stories. They give real victims a bad reputation. They make their own websites, they flood forums, polls, conferences, and conference calls, and bury the serious messages under a pile of drivel. In the mean time, most real victims never wake up, and if they do, they are caught in a web of fake victims. It’s very difficult to estimate the number of real and fake victims.

In 50% of the cases victims are harassed with voice to skull technology, which projects voices in their heads.

Gang stalking is possible thanks to extreme police corruption. It’s the fastest growing crime.

Gang stalking can be so bad that you can never escape some degree of harassment.

The harassment is often carried out in a way to blame the victim for the harassment. This is called victim blaming.

Common types of gang stalking:

Organized stalking is a bad expression. Every stalker has to get organized to carry out his acts of stalking. So the word organized doesn’t add anything to stalking because every type of stalking is organized.

Organizational stalking is a good expression because it means that there’s an organization behind this type of stalking.

Gang stalking is organized crime. It’s worse than trafficking of drugs, humans or organs. I’ll give you an example of electronic harassment. Imagine that you’re home. Suddenly, you hear a voice that says: “This is a preview.” Suddenly, your heart stops beating, it turns black before your eyes, and you think that you will die. Then your heart continues to beat. This is repeated every Friday evening at 8 PM. This is really a type of terrorism.

We live in an intellectual tyranny where something exists only if specific people published their opinion about it. This gives these people freedom to commit any crime they want. As long as they publish nothing about their own crimes, these crimes don’t exist. One of the fruits of this intellectual tyranny is Wikipedia: the world according to the Mafia. My website is also a protest against Wikipedia. That’s why the layout of my website is a persiflage of Wikipedia. My website has the same right to exist as Wikipedia. What it looks like doesn’t really matter. It’s just a drawing.

Doctors who believe in gang stalking  [edit]

Dr. Alfred Webre (Doctor of Jurisprudence in International Law) prepared a video appearance for the first Covert Harassment Conference in Brussels in 2014. The PDF file icon Wikipedia article about Alfred Webre became suddenly unnotable and fringe. It was deleted in May 2015. It had been PDF file icon online for 11 years. If it’s unnotable fringe, then why does it take 11 years to realize that?

Dr. Anna Fubini (Doctor of Medicine) helps victims who suspect that they have implants.

Michael Segalov claims that he visited Assistant Professor Dr. Brian Sharpless (Ph. D. clinical psychology) because of PDF file icon exploding head syndrome. He claims that PDF file icon Dutch flag the doctor told him: “Gang stalking means that a group of people spies on you and makes your life as harsh as possible, and willingly makes you experience these hard explosions,” and that he explained that some victims believe that they are being followed by some government agency. “They believe that this type of secret services uses a microwave generator, and that they point it at them at night and willingly cause the explosions.” PDF file icon Brian Sharpless contact information. PDF file icon Brian Sharpless curriculum.

Dr. Corkin Cherubini (Ph. D. education) wrote on his website: “I knew something was amiss, and afloat, when I kept seeing military type helicopters hovering over my home, and government vehicles everywhere — following, waiting, stalking in legions. I kept wondering, ‘Could I have done something to make them think I might be a… terrorist, or whatever?’ Then, I heard about ‘The War on Whistleblowers,’ but it would still be another four months before I heard of Government Gang Stalking!” He runs 2 websites about gang stalking.

Dr. Gerald Sosbee (Doctor of Jurisprudence) believes that the Mafia is behind gang stalking. He’s the most credible person who wrote about gang stalking. He’s a lawyer, a former university instructor, a former FBI agent, a former police instructor, a former judge (Judge of City Court and Magistrate of the State of Texas), and a former private investigator. He believes that the purpose is that you become violent so you can be arrested or killed.

Dr. Henning Witte (Doctor of Jurisprudence) interviews implant victims for the ICAACT website.

Dr. Jean Maria Arrigo (Ph. D. psychology, social psychologist and oral historian) wrote: “In ‘CIA no touch torture makes sense out of mind control allegations,’ Cheryl Welsh provides a valuable overview of methods common to neuroweapons research and torture interrogation. Her essay is informed by the multitude of self-identified, experimental targets of neuroweapons researchers whom she represents. Scholars and journalists who are only able to track neuroweapons research and interrogation methods through government documents have biased the consensus reality in favor of government authorities who deceive the public. We owe thanks to Cheryl Welsh and her colleagues for their pioneering efforts to penetrate government deception through the phenomenology of self-identified victims of neuroweapons.”

Dr. John Hall (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) wrote 2 books about electronic harassment.

† Dr. Myron May (Doctor of Jurisprudence) tried to expose gang stalking and electronic harassment by shooting 3 people in a university library.

Dr. Nick Begich (Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine) addressed the European Parliament in 1998 about electronic harassment. He’s the brother of Senator PDF file icon Mark Begich, and the son of PDF file icon Nicholas Begich, who posthumously won the 1972 election in Alaska.

† Dr. Rauni Kilde (Doctor of Medicine) spoke at the first Covert Harassment Conference in Brussels in 2014.

Dr. Reinhard Munzert (Doctor of Medicine) runs a website about electronic harassment. German flag (“microwave terror” in English)

† Dr. Robert Becker (Doctor of Medicine) wrote in his book The body electric from 1985: “Such a device has obvious applications in covert operations designed to drive a target crazy with ‘voices’ or deliver undetectable instructions to a programmed assassin.”

Dr. Scott Johnson (Ph. D. theology) was ordained in 1997 and later founded Freedom Family Fellowship, a non-denominational church located in Four Oaks, NC. He said: “I had a lot of people who emailed me over the years about this, about they believe they have been electronically targeted with certain types of electronic warfare and mind control and I, you know, totally believe these people.”

Psychologist Seth Farber

Dr. Seth Farber (Ph. D. psychology) wrote: “Directed energy weapons are among the high-tech arms of the century. They hurt and kill with electromagnetic power. Microwave weapons can be aimed at computers, electrical devices, and persons. They have strong physical and psychological effects and can be used for military and terrorist activities. These weapons are also part of crimes (in Europe) that almost nobody knows except the victims and the offenders. Until now they make the perfect crime possible. No doubt, these weapons have a terrible future.”

Dr. Terry Robertson (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) became an activist of FFCHS.

Dr. Tomo Shibata (Ph. D. sociology) blames the Mafia for gang stalking.

Dr. Vadim Baranov (Doctor of Medicine, oncologist) got asylum in the UK and the USA.

Celebrities who believe in gang stalking  [edit]

Pop star Aisha made a popular website about her being gang stalked by the entourage of Madonna.

Former CIA and NSA agent Edward Snowden used an electronic device to shield against electronic mind control attacks while he was applying for asylum. He said that otherwise, he would not have survived it.

Gary Owens, the guitarist of the rock band A II Z, claims to be a victim of gang stalking.

Actor Jesse Ventura, who appeared in The running man (1987) with Arnold Schwarzenegger, made a Conspiracy theory with Jesse Ventura show about voice to skull on TruTV. Jesse Ventura is a former governor of Minnesota and considers running for president in 2016.

Former president Manuel Zelaya of Honduras claimed to be a victim of electronic harassment.

Media analyst PDF file icon Mark Dice published an PDF file icon article about the radio frequency hearing effect on his website.

Actor Stephen Shellenberger, who appeared in Gone in 60 seconds with Nicolas Cage, claims to be a victim of gang stalking. He became homeless, living on the street, a hobo.

Former NSA agent PDF file icon William Binney spoke at the first Covert Harassment Conference in Brussels in 2014.

Backup  [edit]

The gang stalking information of this website is available for download.

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There’s no need to use a website copier to download this website.

Copy also the last version of this page.

Some targets save this to a USB stick and keep it always in their wallet. This will help them whenever they have to defend themselves against accusations of mental illness.

Disclaimer  [edit]

This website is meant for information purposes only. You shouldn’t rely on any advice that it contains or take any action in reliance on it without the aid of professional advice.

I don’t assist individual victims of gang stalking. I don’t have the relevant training or expertise. Don’t try to contact me by email because I won’t reply.

As an outsider I know much less than the average perp, but, what is more important, I may say in public what I know.

What I write is a political opinion. It’s not supposed to be scientific research.

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Introduction  [edit]

The first things that you should realize about gang stalking:

  1. Gang stalking is a crime like any other crime, like for example, murder, arson or forgery. Many different people and organizations set houses on fire, some because they like flames, others because they hate the people who live there, others because they want to cheat on the insurance. For the law this is unimportant. It says only: Was there someone in that house? Did it happen by night? It doesn’t matter for the law with how much sophistication the house was set on fire. It’s the same story for gang stalking. It shouldn’t matter for the law who organizes it and for which reason, and how sophisticated the stalking is. Victims tend to see only the highly sophisticated gang stalking campaigns by agents of the state. Their definition will usually allow to see only this type of gang stalking. Then the public rejects the idea that this could be possible.

  2. Gang stalking will continue to be perpetrated even if there are laws against it, just like for example, murder, arson or forgery.

  3. If they vote laws against gang stalking, then there will be exceptions that say that in some cases, the government may continue to gang stalk, for example, when the victim is a terrorist. This means that for most victims nothing will change. Everyone who would protest against this system if he knew its existence, will be labeled as a terrorist.

  4. There isn’t just one type of victim. A victim can become aware. Then he can join a secret society for protection. They ask him to continue to play victim. Other victims who contact him can be harassed through him. Then he can become a victim again. Such a secret society can be supported by government, or it can be seen as the enemy. Contacting other victims is generally a bad idea, because victims of all types are thrown together in one room or conference call and the result will be stalking. If you contact someone and you feel that you are harassed, then leave it instead of continuing a half-hearted relationship.

Victims who complain on the internet are usually victims of gang stalking by the state. This is a life long experience.

Targeted individual Jonathan Moreno with his backpack

It’s very difficult to get the word out about this because:

  1. The government denies that this is happening.
  2. The police are instructed not to help victims.
  3. Doctors are instructed to declare victims crazy.
  4. The press refuses to write about it because they get their tips from the police.
  5. The attacks are carried out in a deniable way.
  6. There are not many aware victims.
  7. The victims are unorganized.
  8. The victims have often problems with employment, housing, justice and so on, problems caused by perps.
  9. The victims can’t say who would want to do this and why.
  10. The victims are often incapacitated by electronic weapons.
  11. Perps pose as victims and spread ludicrous stories. They give victims a bad reputation.
  12. No one has ever admitted that he was a gang stalker. It can be compared to the time when no one had ever admitted that he was a Mafia member.

Specifically I would like to know:

  1. Do gang stalkers carry concealed guns?
  2. Do gang stalkers have combat training or martial arts training?
  3. Do gang stalkers have preparedness training?
  4. Do gang stalkers have meetings where they sing sinister songs?
  5. Do gang stalkers have to give a part of their income to the stalking organization?
  6. Do gang stalkers have to sign blank papers?
  7. Do gang stalkers have to agree with an arranged marriage or adoption?
  8. Do gang stalkers have to “volunteer” for medical experiments?
  9. Do gang stalkers have to donate organs to the stalking organization?

Contents    [hide]

  1. Sociology
  2. Criminology
  3. Mind control
  4. Origin
  5. History
  6. Solutions
  7. Support
  8. Stalking statistics
  9. Mobbing and bullying
  10. Vigilantes

Sociology  [edit]

Dr. Tomo Shibata (Ph. D. sociology) is a sociologist from Japan. She wrote a book in Japanese which is held by 160 university libraries in Japan.

She moved to the USA. Then she wrote a book in English about gang stalking. The title is The invisible maiming torture enterprise of organized stalking assaults.

She puts all the blame on the Mafia.

Her main ideas are:

Criminology  [edit]

Gang stalking is mentioned in several scientific articles, which were published in scientific journals.

Gang stalking was discussed during a congress for criminologists in Barcelona in 2008.

Gang stalking according to a criminologist  [edit]

In 2006 the Belgian criminologist Jean-Nicolas Desurmont interviewed the secret services of Belgium and France, and 13 victims: a professor, a judge, a lawyer, a diplomat and so on. Then he published his first article. His articles are in French. See eBooks.

There are three types of stalking:

  1. single stalking,
  2. multiple stalking,
  3. organizational stalking.

If someone has a divorce because he wants a gay lifestyle, and his ex stalks him, and his neighbor stalks him because he doesn’t want a gay neighbor, then this is for the victim an experience which is different from the other types, so I see three types.

Stalking is organizational if:

  1. there are at least 2 stalkers,
  2. they know each other,
  3. they have the same intent.

Organizational stalking is called gang stalking.

The essence of intimidation in group is:

  1. the tyrannical attitude (denial of the point of view of the defense of the victim),
  2. the attitude of denunciation (circulation of rumors concerning the victim).

There are two types of gang stalking:

  1. political gang stalking perpetrated by political networks (government agents),
  2. apolitical gang stalking perpetrated by apolitical networks (Mafia).

Apolitical gang stalking is organized by the Mafia. Their goal is revenge. (The Mafia can’t stand some specific judges and lawyers.)

Political gang stalking is organized by the military intelligence. The goal is to fight organized crime. Specifically: to fight apolitical gang stalking perpetrated by apolitical networks from other countries. This is counterintelligence so this is done by the army. Political gang stalking is the usual way in which large drugs trafficking rings are dismantled.

The procedure:

  1. They choose almost randomly a person.
  2. They isolate him from the people that he knew by making him appear crazy.
  3. He gathers new suspect people around him.
  4. All these people are put under investigation.
  5. Wherever the suspect people go, the army recruits snitches. They form a large network that collects information. This can be stimulated with quota and bonuses for writing reports.
  6. Where it goes from here depends on the circumstances:
    1. Normally it goes on forever.
    2. If the suspect people cause a financial loss for the government, especially when there’s much drug related crime, then they are quickly arrested.
    3. If the suspect people appear to be an apolitical network then they are dismantled by monitoring and analyzing their cell phone use: the army knows where they are when they call each other. In this way they dismantled a gang stalking network in Louvain-la-Neuve (which counts 10,000 citizens) in Belgium. That’s to the southeast of Brussels. The members were all over the city. There was 50 metre between them.
    4. If the victim becomes aware of the harassment then he will resist. Generally, this is the situation of people who out themselves as a targeted individual. Then the goal changes: the victim has to be removed as quickly as possible from society so he can’t spread what he knows:
      1. prison,
      2. bedlam,
      3. forced suicide,
      4. murder. In this case, they will first toy some time with the victim to make him fear for his life. Then they suddenly kill him.

The surveillance of a targeted individual implies that he’s surveilled by several dozens of members of the police and military secret service per day.

The interference in his private life is more effective when it’s insidious, thus facilitating the general approval of the thesis of mental illness.

A gang stalking campaign is successful if the victim can’t prove the harassment.

The political success of these actions lies in the number of investigations carried out against offenders and criminals who have been at a certain moment in the immediate circle of the victim of harassment while avoiding that the victim understands the fact that he’s the pawn that serves as a starting point in the identification of suspect persons. These persons will proactively be investigated later.

The circle of a targeted individual or an important individual is always placed under surveillance.

Lookalikes of the circle of the victim are used by the forces of law and order to detect the persons who are informed of the characteristics of the circle of the victim.

So the victim is a disposable object around which the network is built. Who the victim is and what he has done doesn’t matter at any point in the procedure. The network is the political goal.

The characteristic property of political gang stalking is that they make the victim appear crazy.

All these categories are gang stalkers:

  1. nurses,
  2. ambulances,
  3. firemen,
  4. private and public security companies,
  5. banks,
  6. managers of institutions,
  7. embassies,
  8. harbor master’s offices,
  9. psychiatry,
  10. some private institutions like universities. Gang stalking has been observed for 12 months in a French speaking university in Belgium.

Gang stalkers collect information from the private life of their victim. Then this information is fed through the media to the victim. Victims call this media feedback. The right name is macro counter-espionage. In Belgium the Communications Service of the Ministry of Home Affairs delivers the ingredients to the media. This can be, for example, a first name. Then the media have to build the news item around this word. For example, when a child is missing, then the news item might be read by a journalist with the name Vandeputte, which is Dutch for Dutroux. For example, when a person with Down’s syndrome is in the news then the news anchor won’t say his name, except if he has the same family name as the victim. The media are sponsored by political persons. The media get their information from police and intelligence services. So they have no choice. They have to cooperate. The goal is to stop criminal actions of apolitical networks by showing that the government can do the same espionage as the apolitical networks.

Review  [edit]

Some subjects are missing in his articles:

  1. Freemasonry,
  2. mind control,
  3. electronic harassment,
  4. voice to skull,
  5. implants,
  6. satanism. (There are strong hints that the gang stalkers are a satanist cult.)
  7. He treats it as a national problem. For example, he explains why Belgian victims hear details from their private life in the Belgian news on TV, but he doesn’t explain why they experience the same with TV channels of many other countries.

I know more categories of gang stalkers:

  1. medical doctors,
  2. dentists,
  3. bus drivers,
  4. train drivers,
  5. taxi drivers,
  6. personnel of utility companies (gas, electricity, telephone, cable TV and so on),
  7. private and public gardening services,
  8. teachers.

Gang stalking is performed as much as possible at the expense of their employers and the government. So I see many stalkers who have to travel for their job.

Some questions remain unanswered:

  1. Why do targets experience the same harassments in every country they go, even in a country that is an enemy of their country of origin?
  2. Why are nearly all victims single women and gay men?
  3. Why are most victims female? If this is about fighting crime, then 90% of the victims should be male, because 90% of all crime is done by men.
  4. Why do all the police in the world deny that gang stalking exists?
  5. Why are networks like Al Qaeda or Hezbollah never attacked with gang stalking?
  6. Why did no one ever admit that he was a gang stalker? People have admitted that they were a spy, informant, Freemason, Mafia member, hitman or terrorist. Outing oneself as a gang stalker seems to be a problem of a higher order.

Most victims are not in a position to teach you something about organized crime.

In the past, the victims of the state were usually deaf, blind, handicapped, in the mental hospital or a home for the elderly.

So it looks more as if this is not about fighting crime, but about getting rid of people who can be missed, as they did in Nazi Germany.

So now open your mind for the mind control atrocities of the past and see whether you find the answer there.

Mind control  [edit]

Mind control is the systematic use of unethically manipulative methods to persuade others to conform to the wishes of the manipulator.

Gang stalking is a sort of mind control. Gang stalking is a hate crime.

Electronic harassment is another sort of mind control. Electronic harassment is the use of electronic devices to harass, torture, and/or physically harm a person, or even the pets of the victim. Many electronic devices can have a negative side effect on your health. So they can be used for harassment.

About 50% of gang stalking victims experience also electronic harassment.

Voice to skull is a sort of electronic harassment. Many gang stalking victims hear voices. I suppose that the perpetrators use voice to skull to harass and hypnotize their victims.

Implants are a sort of electronic harassment. It’s the most invasive type of stalking. Some implant victims don’t experience gang stalking. Gang stalking victims see them as medical experimentees.

Mind control Venn diagram

Mind control victims are very much like prisoners of war who have been tortured. The difference is that they don’t know why they have been tortured, they don’t have their own army or support system, they have been tortured by citizens of their own country, and the torture is generally ongoing. Rather than any sort of sympathy or respect for having served their country by being selected for exploitation and torture for the sake of what is called national security or freedom, these veterans of mind control abuse are subjected to ridicule and abuse. The psychological torture, and often the physical torture, is ongoing.

Origin  [edit]

How long has gang stalking been around?

The oldest text that I could find which sounds like gang stalking is Psalm 35, written by King David, about 3000 years ago.

Plead my cause, O LORD, with them that strive with me: fight
against them that fight against me.

Take hold of shield and buckler, and stand up for mine help.

Draw out also the spear, and stop the way against them that
persecute me: say unto my soul, I am thy salvation.

Let them be confounded and put to shame that seek after my
soul: let them be turned back and brought to confusion that
devise my hurt.

Let them be as chaff before the wind: and let the angel of the
LORD chase them.

Let their way be dark and slippery: and let the angel of the
LORD persecute them.

For without cause have they hid for me their net in a pit,
which without cause they have digged for my soul.

Let destruction come upon him at unawares; and let his net
that he hath hid catch himself: into that very destruction let
him fall.

And my soul shall be joyful in the LORD: it shall rejoice in
his salvation.

All my bones shall say, LORD, who is like unto thee, which
deliverest the poor from him that is too strong for him, yea,
the poor and the needy from him that spoileth him?

False witnesses did rise up; they laid to my charge things
that I knew not.

They rewarded me evil for good to the spoiling of my soul.

But as for me, when they were sick, my clothing was sackcloth:
I humbled my soul with fasting; and my prayer returned into
mine own bosom.

I behaved myself as though he had been my friend or brother: I
bowed down heavily, as one that mourneth for his mother.

But in mine adversity they rejoiced, and gathered themselves
together: yea, the abjects gathered themselves together
against me, and I knew it not; they did tear me, and ceased

With hypocritical mockers in feasts, they gnashed upon me with
their teeth.

Lord, how long wilt thou look on? rescue my soul from their
destructions, my darling from the lions.

I will give thee thanks in the great congregation: I will
praise thee among much people.

Let not them that are mine enemies wrongfully rejoice over me:
neither let them wink with the eye that hate me without a

For they speak not peace: but they devise deceitful matters
against them that are quiet in the land.

Yea, they opened their mouth wide against me, and said, Aha,
aha, our eye hath seen it.

This thou hast seen, O LORD: keep not silence: O Lord, be not
far from me.

Stir up thyself, and awake to my judgment, even unto my cause,
my God and my Lord.

Judge me, O LORD my God, according to thy righteousness; and
let them not rejoice over me.

Let them not say in their hearts, Ah, so would we have it: let
them not say, We have swallowed him up.

Let them be ashamed and brought to confusion together that
rejoice at mine hurt: let them be clothed with shame and
dishonour that magnify themselves against me.

Let them shout for joy, and be glad, that favour my righteous
cause: yea, let them say continually, Let the LORD be
magnified, which hath pleasure in the prosperity of his

The oldest system that I could find which looks like gang stalking is the Vehmic tribunal in Germany. It’s called Vehmgericht in German. It looked very much like Freemasonry. It was introduced by Charlemagne to get the areas that he conquered on the Germans under control.

This goal is different from what Desurmont has described.

So gang stalking isn’t new. It exists already 800 years in its current form. But, this is new:

  1. It’s a world wide network.
  2. They use instant electronic communication.
  3. They use electronic weapons.

Later the Stasi developed the current methods of gang stalking. They were copied by many other countries.

The goal of the Stasi was to make people stop damaging communism.

The Stasi was controlled by the KGB.

The KGB was the successor of the Cheka.

The Cheka was the secret police of the Soviet Union.

What we see now in the USA is the heritage of the secret police of the Soviet Union.

Today, the 21st degree of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry is a representation of the Vehmic tribunal. (Source: Mackeys encyclopedia of Freemasonry.)

History  [edit]

In 1956 Edgar Hoover ordered the start of COINTELPRO. He was the head of the FBI.

The letter to Dr. Martin Luther King is a good example of COINTELPRO.

In 1971 the end of COINTELPRO was officially announced.

In 1972 Roger Tolces invented the word electronic harassment. He’s a private investigator.

In 1973 Dr. Joseph Sharp (Ph. D. psychology) demonstrated voice to skull. He worked for the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research.

In 1976 the congressional hearings about COINTELPRO concluded. No one was ever punished. No stalker has been exposed.

Around 1980 COINTELPRO on steroids started worldwide. The name of the program is unknown.

In 1992 Julianne McKinney started the anti-psychotronics movement. She had worked 40 years as a military intelligence officer.

In 1993 Norma Cross and † Eleanor White invented the word gang stalking. † Eleanor White was a retired electronics engineer who used to work for the U.S. Army.

In 1999 † Eleanor White started the website.

In 2001 David Lawson described gang stalking in his book Terrorist stalking in America. He’s a private investigator from Florida.

In 2006 Jean-Nicolas Desurmont published an article about gang stalking. He’s a criminologist.

In 2006 the US Army confirmed that they use through-wall microwave body heating to mimic fever to incapacitate people. This takes between 15 and 30 minutes.

In 2007 David Lawson published a second book about gang stalking.

In 2008 gang stalking was discussed during a congress for criminologists in Barcelona.

In 2011 Larry Richard acknowledged gang stalking on TV. He’s a police Lieutenant.

In 2011 Ted Gunderson made an official statement about gang stalking. He was a former FBI agent.

In 2011 Amy Anderson filed the first official complaint that mentions electronic harassment.

In 2013 the Catholic Church of Switzerland was the first large organization to support the claims of mind control victims.

In 2013 I created this website.

In 2015 I started a poll on this website.

† Eleanor White died on July 25, 2015.

Solutions  [edit]

Gang stalking and electronic harassment are crimes that cannot be prevented. They will always have to be remedied afterwards in court. At this moment this isn’t possible, because the victim has to file a complaint against every individual stalker, who will get his individual trial. This costs the victim all his money.

Justice and medicine are still in the era of impact weapons while victims are already in the era of energetic weapons.

I propose these changes:

  1. Concerning the law:
    1. The state has to acknowledge the crime of gang stalking and electronic harassment.
      1. This allows the victim to start one single trial against a large number of stalkers.
      2. This allows the victim who is taunted to the point that he commits a violent act, to claim that it was provocation.
      3. This law has to stop the stalkers from finding always new ways to circumvent the law.
    2. There should be a law against the denial of gang stalking atrocities, just like there are laws against the denial of the holocaust.
    3. There should be a law against electronic harassment.
    4. If the victim is incompetent (children, mentally handicapped, and so on) then this should be considered in the new laws as an aggravating circumstance.
    5. The European Parliament has adopted resolution A4-0005/99, which calls for a world wide ban of all technology that enables manipulation of people. All European countries need to turn this guideline into a law.
  2. Concerning convicted gang stalkers:
    1. They may not use a telephone or the internet.
    2. They may not vote.
    3. They may not be elected.
    4. They may not run a company.
    5. They may not have a weapon.
    6. They may not drive a car. (They could use it as a weapon.)
    7. They may not marry.
    8. They are unfit to raise children. Their children have to be placed in an institution.
  3. Concerning the police:
    1. The law on the special police methods should be changed so there can be use of undercover agents and wiretap to prove the crime of gang stalking and electronic harassment. Cameras and microphones have to be installed in the houses of gang stalkers.
    2. There should be a new police force specialized in the detection of electronic harassment. This police force should also on own initiative scan all frequencies to verify whether somewhere electronic devices are deployed to manipulate people.
  4. Concerning the medical community:
    1. The medical world should be informed about this new crime so they don’t confuse it with mental illness.
    2. Doctors need to treat implants as forensic evidence, as they do with bullets.
  5. Concerning the media:
    1. There should be an information campaign to inform the public about this new crime.

Support  [edit]

A few organizations and professionals acknowledge gang stalking, electronic harassment and/or implants. They are not many, but, they cannot be ignored either.

Supporting organizations  [edit]

The following organizations acknowledge gang stalking, electronic harassment and implants:

Supporting professionals  [edit]

After a consultation with James Walbert, clinical psychologist Cathy Meadows, M.A. wrote: “The techniques used against these targeted individuals are purposely designed to make the victim appear to have a mentally disorder in order to invalidate any claims of wrongdoing by the perpetrators. It is a highly organized and multi-faceted attack that is used by many political and religious extremists, by corporations and businesses, and even by organized crime.”

The following professionals acknowledge gang stalking, electronic harassment and/or implants:




Former CIA agents:

Former FBI agents:

Former Intelligence officers:

Former journalists:

Former judges:

Former Military Intelligence officers:

Former NSA agents:

Former Navy:

Former pilots:

Former police instructors:

Former presidents:

Former private investigators:

Former university instructors:

Former World Wrestling Superstars:



Medical doctors:


Police officers:


Letter from Senator Carl Levin about targeted individual Andrew Lewis

Pop stars:

Priests and reverends:

Private investigators:




Stalking statistics  [edit]

Stalking is unwanted pursuit, following or harassment.

Jean-Nicolas Desurmont claims that 1% of all men and 2% of all women are being stalked by multiple stalkers.

The National Centre for Victims of Crime of the USA Department of Justice has a website: where they published statistics about stalking victims of 18 years old or older.

Statistics for stalking victims by sex

Statistics for stalking victimization by sex

Click on the image to see the original picture.

They don’t publish numbers about victims of multiple stalkers.

But, the statistics show that about 5% of stalking victims is a victim of at least one man plus one woman. This allows the following interesting calculation.

Spreadsheet that shows the number of victims of multiple stalkers

The statistics show that about one in 1,000 persons is an 18 years old or older victim of stalking by at least one man plus one woman: multiple stalkers.

I may assume that the number of people who are stalked by two men and the number of people who are stalked by two women is equal to the number of people who are stalked by one man plus one woman.

It shows that about 3 in 1,000 persons are 18 years old or older victims of stalking by at least 2 persons.

So if you live in a city with 10,000 citizens then there should be 30 persons of 18 years old or older who experience this. That’s about one person in every 4 streets.

It shows that stalking by multiple stalkers isn’t rare.

Mobbing and bullying  [edit]

Professor Dr. Heinz Leymann (Ph. D. pedagogical psychology, Doctor of Medicine and psychiatrist) is the leading international expert on this topic.

There are several destructive activities:

  1. at workplaces,
  2. in schools among schoolchildren,
  3. in military organizations regarding drafted young people.

They are the same, namely gang stalking.

Gang stalking is more sophisticated than mobbing. Mobbing is more sophisticated than bullying.

The difference between mobbing and bullying is that mobbing is more psychological while bullying is more physical.

Mobbing was first mentioned in 1966 in the book On aggression by Dr. Konrad Lorenz (Doctor of Medicine, Ph. D. zoology). He used it to describe the attacks from a group of smaller animals threatening a single larger animal.

Mobbing was first mentioned to describe harassment in schools in 1972 by Dr. Peter-Paul Heinemann (Doctor of Medicine).

Harassment at the workplace was first described in 1976 in the book The harassed worker by Dr. Carroll Brodsky (Doctor of Medicine, psychiatrist and anthropologist).

Mobbing was first mentioned to describe harassment at the workplace in 1984 in an article by Professor Dr. Heinz Leymann (Ph. D. pedagogical psychology, Doctor of Medicine and psychiatrist).

In England and Australia they prefer the word bullying. In the USA and Europe bullying is used regarding school situations and mobbing is used regarding the workplace.

The distinction between conflict and mobbing does not focus on what is done or how it is done, but rather on the frequency and duration of whatever is done.

Personality has little effect on the development of conflict. This assumption has no support in the psychosocial literature. However, it is one of the most commonly claimed assumption to be found. A psychological question of great interest is, of course, why this assumption is still there despite all evidence that proves it false.

Victims of mobbing and bullying often develop permanent personality change:

  1. with obsession predominating:
    1. A hostile and suspicious attitude toward the surroundings.
    2. A chronic feeling of nervousness that one is in constant danger.
    3. Compulsory fixation on one’s own fate to a degree that exceeds the limit of tolerance of people in one’s surroundings, leading to isolation and loneliness.
    4. Hypersensitivity with respect to injustices and a constant identification with the suffering of others in an almost compulsory manner.
  2. with depression predominating:
    1. A feeling of emptiness and hopelessness.
    2. A chronic inability to experience joy from ordinary events in everyday life.
    3. A constant risk of drug or psychopharmaceutical abuse.
  3. with additional symptoms that indicate that the patient has resigned himself or herself to the situation:
    1. The individual isolates him- or herself.
    2. The person no longer feels that he or she is part of society (alienating effect).
    3. The person shows a cynical attitude towards the world.

Victims of mobbing and bullying often develop post-traumatic stress syndrome.

There are 6 degrees of PTSD:


The individual has witnessed a serious threat against persons or property.


At least one of the following:

  1. Returning, insistent and painful memory images of the events.
  2. Recurring nightmares about the event.
  3. The individual can suddenly act or feel as if the traumatic event is repeated.
  4. Intensive psychological discomfort in something that recalls the traumatic event, like the anniversary of the trauma.


At least three of the following:

  1. Efforts to avoid thoughts or feelings that are associated with the trauma.
  2. Efforts to avoid activities or situations that arouse memories of the trauma.
  3. Inability to remember some important aspect of the trauma (psychogenic amnesia).
  4. Marked reduced interest in important activities.
  5. Feeling of a lack of interest or expulsion by others.
  6. Limited affects; such as inability to cherish loving feelings.
  7. A feeling of not having any future; not expecting to have a career, get married, have children, or live a long life.


At least two of the following:

  1. Difficulties in falling asleep, or uneasy sleep.
  2. Irritability or bursts of fury.
  3. Concentration difficulties.
  4. Tense vigilance.
  5. Exaggerated reaction to unexpected external stimuli.
  6. Physiological reactions at something that recalls the traumatic event.
At this stage, many victims also develop general anxiety disorder (GAD anxiety disorder). At least 6 of the following 18 symptoms should be present in connection with anxiety feelings (that does not include symptoms that are only present in connection with panic attacks):
  1. Regarding muscular tension:
    1. Trembling, jumpy, shaky.
    2. Tense, aching or sore muscles.
    3. Restlessness.
    4. Unusual fatigue.
  2. Regarding autonomic nervous system hyperactivity:
    1. Air hunger or a feeling of shortness of breath.
    2. Heart palpitations or rapid pulse.
    3. Sweating, or cold wet hands.
    4. Dryness of the mouth.
    5. Dizziness or giddiness.
    6. Feeling of sickness, diarrhea or other gastrointestinal difficulties.
    7. Feeling of suddenly being quite warm or cold.
    8. Frequent need to urinate.
    9. Difficulties in swallowing or “lump in the throat.”
  3. Regarding tense vigilance and hypersensitivity:
    1. Affected or “uptight.”
    2. Overreacting to unexpected external stimuli.
    3. Concentration difficulties or “completely blank mind.”
    4. Difficulties in falling asleep or uneasy sleep.
    5. Irritability.


The disturbance must be present for at least one month (with symptoms according to the above-mentioned groups B, C and D).


The disturbance has major influence on daily family and occupational life and other social events.

The website of Professor Dr. Heinz Leymann (Ph. D. pedagogical psychology, Doctor of Medicine and psychiatrist) is

Vigilantes  [edit]

Gang stalkers will often pose as vigilantes or a neighborhood watch group.

Don’t let them fool you. Their leaders are serious criminals who go to great lengths to extort money from victims in large areas.

The Sunday World published an article that describes this well:

Anti-drug vigilante has dissident price on his head

• Northern Ireland By Sunday World

Roy McAuley self-declared vigilante

Roy McAuley

Bogus anti-drug vigilante Roy McAuley is on a dissident republican death list.

Last month the Sunday World unmasked murder suspect McAuley as the leader of a criminal gang stalking the streets of north Belfast.

The self-styled vigilante group Action Against Drugs (AAD) was exposed as a sham.

In reality it is a grubby money making operation scamming thousands of pounds from drug dealers.

Under pain of death dealers are forced to hand over a slice of their profits — in return they are allowed to continue trading.

The group first surfaced in the New Lodge area of the city when they staged a dramatic show of strength in which McAuley was pictured in a boiler suit and balaclava brandishing a handgun.

The gang is believed to be made up of disgruntled dissident republicans and now McAuley is spreading his “operation” to west Belfast.

The Sunday World understands a close associate has been placed in charge of the group in the New Lodge while he actively recruits in the west.

He is specifically targeting members of terror group Oglaigh na hEireann. The dissident group has responded by issuing a death threat.

He has already recruited one time leading OnH figure Tony Rooney, who defected to AAD after his release from prison for his part in a punishment attack because he was disillusioned with the direction taken by OnH chief Carl Reilly.

McAuley himself is a murder suspect, arrested and questioned in relation to the murder of low level drugs dealer Danny McKay in Newtownabbey 18 months ago.

His activities have also brought him into conflict with the INLA who retaliated to a pipe bomb attack on one of their members by abducting a senior AAD figure and holding him for a number of days.

“McAuley is a dead man walking,” said our source. “He has gone out of his way to target OnH members and he has ruffled feathers.”

He said AAD is now being labelled the “modern day IPLO” a republican splinter group formed in 1986 by disaffected members of the INLA.

The organisation became mired in criminality and drug dealing and is blamed for first introducing Ecstasy to republican districts. Members were also accused of the prolonged gang rape of a woman in Divis Flats in 1990.

A brutal internal war erupted when the IPLO split into two rival factions led by Belfast men Sammy Ward and Jimmy Brown murdered in the feud.

The IRA forced the IPLO into disbandment in 1992 when they launched a “night of the long knives” purge in which Ward was murdered. The OnH has now vowed to deliver a similar fate to AAD.

A number of known criminals have signed up to McAuley’s mob in west Belfast but tensions are rising sharply.

“There will be blood spilled over this, OnH may be depleted but if they want to preserve what little credibility they still have they will have to move against McAuley.”

“The alternative is that McAuley will eventually control the drugs trade in parts of north and west Belfast. Like the IPLO back in the day, his organisation has no republican credentials, they are just criminals.”

“Their only interest is money.”

He said the only drug dealers forced out of business will be those who refuse to pay up.

Republican sources have told us the OnH now regard McAuley as the biggest threat to them, they have already lost members to AAD and they have been left severely depleted with disgruntled members turning their backs on the organisation because of ineffective leadership.

The Sunday World understands AAD is already compiling a dossier of the most prolific dealers in the west.

“They will be targeted, it’s all about easy money.”

Sources have said the writing may already be on the wall for OnH.

“They are so weak it is unlikely they have the men with the expertise to take McAuley on, he holds all the aces and has already recruited some seriously heavy hitters.”

McAuley claimed his group was dedicated to eradicating the drug problem in north Belfast. In truth his only intention was to control the dealers and has already set up a lucrative network of people involved in the trade who supply him with information on rival dealers.

He has surrounded himself with crooks with a long history of dealing in counterfeit goods, and robbery.

“All these groups (AAD, OnH, INLA) are competing with each other and will go to any lengths to stay one step ahead of the competition. It’s all about making money and nothing to do with any republican ethos.”

Victims  [edit]

The expressions targeted individual, mind control, gang stalking, electronic harassment and voice to skull have something in common: several ordinary words describe something controversial. One of the results is that when people want to describe gang stalking, then they will write complex sentences that are too difficult for children. These expressions make it more difficult to get the word out.

Contents    [hide]

  1. Targeted individuals
  2. Signs of gang stalking
  3. Signs of electronic harassment
  4. Who and why
  5. Advice
  6. Warnings
  7. Testimonies

Targeted individuals  [edit]

The victims call themselves targeted individuals. This expression was probably launched by the Freemasons. Freemasons use the anagrams of RAD and RAT as a symbol of their enemies.

In June 2013, there were about 1,400 persons who have outed themselves as a victim.

Gang stalking prevalence pie chart

60% of all victims are women. Most of them are independent women, who live alone and who want to make a career.

40% of all victims are men. 98% of them are gay.

Proud men with a high self-esteem attract this harassment.

Gang stalking victim distribution pie chart

These charts show that the distribution of gang stalking victims is totally different from the distribution of schizophrenia. These charts prove that the victims are not mentally ill.

Most victims have in common:

  1. They are perceived as not heterosexual enough. (They are not married, or they don’t have children.)
  2. Their family has connections with the army or security services.

Signs of gang stalking  [edit]

If you recognize several events on the following list, then you are probably a victim of gang stalking.

Château de Rendeux review: gang stalking

Signs of electronic harassment  [edit]

If you recognize several events on the following list, then you are probably a victim of electronic harassment.

Who and why  [edit]

Victims of gang stalking by the state have to wonder their whole life who is doing this to them and why.

I find this obvious questions. If you are a victim, then you certainly deserve to know the answer.

Who  [edit]

There are two theories:

  1. In the USA they believe that the secret services organize gang stalking and that these secret services are populated by Freemasons.
  2. In the UK they believe that the Freemasons organize gang stalking and that these Freemasons use the secret services to push their agenda.

I follow the British theory. As far as I know, Freemasonry is the only organization that is so corrupt and so mentally insane that it could be responsible for organizing gang stalking.

Clearly, there are relatively more victims in countries where there are relatively more Freemasons.

This doesn’t mean that all gang stalkers are Freemasons. The number of gang stalkers is much higher than the number of regular and accepted Freemasons. (The whisperers say 96% of the population.) The gang stalkers are a secret society, and they are satanists, but they are no regular and accepted Freemasons. Many gang stalkers are too young, too poor, or too abnormal to apply for membership.

Gang stalkers who are not a Freemason are called familiars. They are people who help Freemasons because they hope that some day they will get an invitation to become Freemason.

I know that it sounds far-fetched:

  1. Freemasons organize gang stalking.
  2. Freemasons are satanists.

I’m aware that Freemasons won’t like it when I write like that. I also read complaints on other websites.

Now look at the evidence:

If you want to learn to know the Freemasons, then listen to the people who left Freemasonry. Jim Shaw was a Freemason from Florida, who left Freemasonry, and who converted to Christianity. He claimed to be a 33rd degree Freemason, but I ignore whether that was true. He wrote the book Deadly Deception. This is a quote from Jim Shaw that is circulating on the internet: “All have mental questions to even join in the first place. To be so corrupt… so criminally insane, mentally insane… to gangstalk the helpless… to murder the helpless… to teach their children to hate the “profane,” you and I, the non masons… to worship not 1 but 3 evil gods… to join something and swear to, not having NO idea what you have sworn to… pure insanity !!!… to enjoy little boys and girls… even their own children… and their mothers… themselves in the rituals.”

This quote says clearly: “to gangstalk the helpless…”

In July 1889, Albert Pike was the Sovereign Pontiff of the Universal Freemasonry. He wrote in a letter: “The true and pure philosophic religion is the belief in Lucifer, the equal of God.”

The main idea of this website is that gang stalkers are a secret society. If they were not a very sinister secret society, then I should frequently find people who admit that they are or have been gang stalkers.

In theory everyone can participate in gang stalking, but, in the real world, if someone decides that someone has to be stalked, then he gives his name to the Mafia. Even in seemingly simple cases like bullying they work like this. Bullies are trained by parents who are Mafia members.

The Mafia doesn’t call itself Mafia. They call themselves Freemasons until it can be proven that they are organizing crime. Then they are called Mafia. Then they restart the same secret society under a new name. Then they apply again to be recognized as Freemasons. For this reason, I will be treating Freemasons and Mafia as two names for the same thing.

The essence of our problem is that the state has been taken over by the Mafia, but they continue to call themselves Freemasons, so now they are OK, and no one will do something about it. This is one of the major obstacles in exposing this crime. If I say “state” then I mean all politicians, everyone who works in the public sector, and everyone who shares a bit of the authority of the state like doctors, nurses, teachers, notaries and so on. If you want to say something about gang stalking, then you have to call all these people the Mafia. They will oppose this and call you crazy although they know that you’re bloody well right.

Basically, a state is a gang which occupies a territory and robs the people who live there. (Taxes are invented by the Mongols. After they invaded China, the Chinese needed 25 years to rebuild everything. So the Mongols had to wait 25 years before they could loot it again. So the Mongols proposed a tax of 20%. This delivered 5 times more loot. Here in Belgium we pay 47%.)

In theory gang stalking can be done by everyone, but in the real world it’s always the Mafia. The Mafia has infiltrated the state to such an extent that gang stalking by the Mafia is equal to gang stalking by the state. Still, the state will stalk Mafia members of other countries when they arrive on its territory. Desurmont explains this as political gang stalking and apolitical gang stalking.

Why  [edit]

The history of the Vehmic tribunal has shown that the goal of such behavior is that everyone becomes scared and searches protection by joining a secret society. This has been going on for at least 800 years.

If you join such a secret society then they will ask you to swear:

  1. loyalty to the head of state,

  2. loyalty to the Constitution,

  3. that you will strive to expand the territory.

This seems to be one of the major goals of gang stalking. Swearing loyalty to the Constitution is also very important to the Freemasons.

Clearly, Freemasons organize gang stalking because they are doing their master, the Satan, a favor.

But, there’s more. Now take a look at this. These are the things that Freemasons hate most of all:

  1. celibacy,
  2. homosexuality.

It’s very easy to connect the dots: gang stalking is organized by Freemasons because they believe that you HAVE to reproduce.

Now take a look at their symbol, the square and compass:

Phallus in uterus God

  1. The square represents the vagina or the earth.
  2. The compass represents the phallus or the sun which impregnates the earth with life-producing rays.
  3. The G means Generation: creation of new life.

So the symbol means phallus in uterus God. It means that hetero sex is God.

Of course, a secret organization that pledges oaths of persecution and that is obsessed with reproduction has to be really bad news for single women and gay men, the usual victims of gang stalking. This becomes visual in gang stalking. This is how they revealed themselves.

Read more about Freemasonry on

Advice  [edit]

I don’t have a telephone.

I don’t have an internet connection.

I don’t have an email address.

I don’t have contact with any other targeted individual.

Advice about the Mafia  [edit]

Advice about voice to skull  [edit]

Advice about your safety  [edit]

Advice about your home  [edit]

Advice about moving  [edit]

Simple security measures that work  [edit]

Advice about surveillance  [edit]

Advice about internet  [edit]

Advice about hacking  [edit]

Advice about unproven technology  [edit]

There are some things that I can’t prove, but that you need to know anyway:

Warnings  [edit]

If you are new to gang stalking, then be aware that there are many traps waiting for you.

Warning against yourself  [edit]

If you are a victim, then be aware that there’s a difference between speaking and writing. Here in Belgium, if they want to sue you for what you say, then they can sue you easily for libel, but if they want to sue you for what you write on the internet, then they have to start the procedure for crime of the written press before the Assize Court, which is almost never done, because it’s very expensive.

Here in Belgium, they can sue you for libel if you write or say something that hurts someone and you communicate this (by speech, letter, email, telephone, …) to two different persons, or to one official in relation to his work.

Beware of conference calls and conferences. They are ways to make you talk.

Warning against phony victims  [edit]

When you realize that you are a victim, then it’s normal if you want to contact other victims. Perps will pose as a victim and wait until you contact them and tell them things that you would normally tell no one. This is very bad for you, because it goes straight into official files.

Some victims that you find on the internet will try to meet you. Remember that the worst stalkers are those who try to meet you in the real world.

How do you see the difference between real victims and phonies?

  1. Phonies will show that they know details from your private life.

  2. Phonies will be disgusted when a victim used violence against perps.

  3. Phonies that you never heard of will send you email and ask you to tell them your story. Don’t answer.

  4. Phonies will NEVER tell you that the Freemasons are responsible for organizing gang stalking and electronic harassment. For every conspiracy theory, there are many theories about who is responsible. Always the same people and organizations will be named as the one who is responsible: the CIA, the Illuminati, the Freemasons, aliens and so on. All these people and organizations will get their usual share of presumed responsibility. Except, gang stalking is the only conspiracy theory where the Freemasons are ALMOST NEVER named as the one who is responsible. This is very telling about all those “activists” and “whistleblowers” who are “telling you the truth” about gang stalking.

Warning against phony activists  [edit]

How do you see the difference between real activists and phonies?

  1. Phonies will use disinfo items.

  2. Phonies will avoid to discuss the subject of artificial dreams.

  3. Phonies will try to replace damaging terms with harmless terms:

Warning against phony doctors  [edit]

Several activists witnessed how “Dr. Robert Duncan” admitted that he’s not a doctor, and that Robert Duncan is not his name. † Eleanor White told me that. There’s a real Dr. Robert Duncan but it’s not the same person.

Barrie Trower has no doctor degree. Carole Smith is Bachelor of Arts.

If you are a journalist, then you should start to wonder why government finds it necessary to invent these personalities and display them on TV.

This is the list of verified doctors on this website:

John Hall and Terry Robertson are Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. This is different from Doctor of Medicine. They may perform some types of surgery, but they are no surgeons and no anesthesiologists.

Warning against phony TI organizations  [edit]

FFCHS is a bogus government front group, probably FBI.

Billboard reveals who is FFCHS

Other groups like FEDAME, ICAACT and EUCACH are extremely suspect. Search the names of everyone who is connected to it. Stay away from them.

Victims are easily enchanted by doctor titles and alphabet organizations.

This is a good criterion: if they achieved nothing in the past 10 years, then they will probably achieve nothing in the next 10 years.

They follow strategies of which we can prove that they will fail and this is deliberate.

Make an inventory of what they have done (flyers, T-shirts, letters to congress, conference calls, human rights commissions, conferences and so on). Then refuse to cooperate with all these initiatives which have proven to lead to failure. This will destroy the influence of perps who pose as victims.

Warning against politics forums  [edit]

Virtually no one has discussed gang stalking on a politics forum because the government and media refuse to discuss it. If they are forced to discuss it, then they say that it’s mental illness. Politics forum members believe that nonsense, and there are always a few perps there ready to say that the poster is “off their meds.”

Warning against Wikipedia  [edit]

Every article about gang stalking on Wikipedia has been deleted. Wikipedia has a problem with telling the truth when it’s embarrassing, like telling how many pets are abandoned each year (about 1 cat and 1 dog per 300 citizens), not to mention the number of people who fell under communism, 50 million perhaps? I urge you to suspend your belief in Wikipedia. Wikipedia finds pleasure in labeling the victims as mentally ill. They even quoted one sentence of Desurmont because they thought that it was damaging.

This website is an attempt to create the page that should have been on Wikipedia.

Warning against the mainstream media  [edit]

The mainstream media portray victims as mentally ill. They see gang stalking and electronic harassment as a conspiracy theory. But, not all conspiracy theories are treated the same way. For example, people who believe that they were abducted by aliens, have no difficulty spreading this message on TV, and they are NOT treated as crazies. But, if you claim that you are being stalked by many people, or irradiated with odd devices, then the same media will violently oppose you and call you crazy.

Journalists have a deontological code. If you talk to them about gang stalking, then they may not present this one-sided opinion to their readers or listeners. They HAVE to contact people with a different opinion, so they will choose a shrink who will call you crazy, and they will print or broadcast his opinion.

The mainstream media have suppressed the truth for decades. They are a part of the problem, not the solution.

Testimonies  [edit]

John Finch from Australia collects the victim stories. If you want to out yourself as a victim, then you can send your story to:

	John Finch,
	5/8 Kemp Street,
	Thornbury, Vic 3071,
	TEL: 0424009627

This is one of the most useful things that you can do as a victim. Perps assume that no one will ever hear what happened to you, because gang stalking sites and victim blogs are only visited by a handful of victims, so the perps can do whatever they want. This changes when John Finch sends your story to a long list of email addresses.

Start your message like this:

	NAME: John Smith
	Citizenship: USA
	Year Torture/Abuse Began: 2001

Later you can update your story. Your new message will be appended to your old story. So you write only what’s new.

These testimonies show that gang stalking victims are experiencing the same specific harassments all over the world while the experiences of schizophrenics are more general and more different. These testimonies prove that the victims are not mentally ill.

Media  [edit]

In October 2008 I started to collect everything about gang stalking that I could find.

The books are sorted in order of readability.

Contents    [hide]

  1. eBooks
  2. Books
  3. Radio shows
  4. Movies
  5. Operas
  6. Video games
  7. Advertisements

eBooks  [edit]


Electronic diagrams:







Victim stories:


Kooky stuff:

On June 30, 2015 I moved † Eleanor White’s books to the kooky stuff. She fails to say anything that damages the government, the Freemasons or the Mafia, although they are the obvious perpetrators. She’s belittling and always telling you what you may or may not say and that’s typical of mind control. Other targets don’t like it when I quote her. They kept reminding me that I was “protecting a perp.” So this is goodbye.


Copied from Wikipedia:

Books  [edit]

Books written by scientists:

Books written by investigators:

Books written by perps:

Books written by soldiers:

Books written by victims:

Other books:

Radio shows  [edit]

The investigative journal:

Contending for truth:

Truther Girls:

Movies  [edit]

See movies.

Operas  [edit]

Operas for victims and open-minded people:

Video games  [edit]

Video games for victims and open-minded people:

Advertisements  [edit]

See advertisements.

Websites  [edit]

I refuse to list blogs because the quality is very low.

I refuse to list discussion groups because I never received the confirmation email while trying to register for such a group.

Bad names have a red number. Good names have a green number.

Contents    [hide]

  1. Recommended websites
  2. Websites of the semiconscious liberation army
  3. Expired websites
  4. Short analysis

Recommended websites  [edit]

All websites are in alphabetical order.

Anti-Freemasonry  [edit]

These websites blame the Freemasons/Mafia for gang stalking.

Anti-chipping  [edit]

Anti-Wikipedia  [edit]

Anti-psychiatry  [edit]

Websites of the semiconscious liberation army  [edit]

The following sites were made by disinfo artists and people who don’t understand it.

Before you start to read websites about gang stalking you should realize that disinfo is a very important part of gang stalking. Victims create websites, forums, books, videos, MP3’s and so on to spread their ideas. Gang stalkers will use the same means to spread their disinfo. They know government and the press so well that they can present their material so if government or the press want to read something about gang stalking then they will choose something that was made by gang stalkers, and if they want to invite a speaker, then they will invite a gang stalker.

Gang stalkers will always try to suppress the truth about gang stalking. But, if the word gets out, then gang stalkers will make it sound as crazy as possible.

Typically, if you believe that you are being stalked by several people, then you will have great difficulty to say this on TV. But, if they say something about mind control on TV, then they invite Magnus Olsson with his strange stories about nano implants.

Be a bit critical when you read. Some people present themselves as the Messiah of the targeted individuals, like “Dr. Robert Duncan.” There are much more con artists who flood conference calls, the internet, radio shows and even TV programs.

Don’t believe everything that you read or hear. Don’t believe everyone who says that he’s a victim. Some perps go to great lengths to establish an online reputation as a victim.

Some of these websites may be disinfo or even harassment platforms. Take a look at them and make your own opinion.

If a perp wants to mess with you then the easiest way is to pretend that he’s a victim.

Most common types of disinfo  [edit]

  1. Disinfo for the unaware public.
    1. There is no organized stalking.
    2. Complaints about mind control can be explained as mental illness.
    3. COINTELPRO has stopped.
    4. Voice to skull can’t transmit an entire sentence into someone’s head.
    5. Gang stalking is an unnotable conspiracy theory of a fringe group.
  2. Disinfo for gang stalkers.
    1. The target has a long criminal record.
    2. The target is a thief.
    3. The target is a prostitute.
    4. The target is a drug user.
    5. The target is a drug dealer.
    6. The target is a pedophile.
    7. Electronic harassment is harmless.
    8. They are doing their community and country a great service.
    9. What they do is not illegal.
    10. The victim deserves it.
    11. The victim ordered the treatment (!).
  3. Disinfo for victims.
    1. Lies for victims.
      1. Gang stalking doesn’t exist.
        1. Gang stalking is an artificial experience that is caused by electronic harassment.
      2. Claims that the harassment is not done by the state, the Freemasons and the Mafia.
        1. The harassment is done by unknown groups.
        2. The harassment is done by anti-government groups.
        3. The harassment is done by extremist groups.
        4. The harassment is done by rogue cops.
        5. The harassment is done by some private militia.
        6. The harassment is done by terrorists.
        7. Gang stalkers are not human (devils, aliens, beings from another dimension).
      3. Claims that the goal is not total control over every individual.
        1. The goal is suicide.
        2. The goal is a rampage.
        3. The goal is to isolate you.
      4. Claims that minimize the role of gang stalkers.
        1. Gang stalkers are unaware of what they do because they are remotely controlled by the technology.
        2. Gang stalkers are unaware how bad it is for the victims.
        3. Gang stalkers are a group of loosely affiliated people.
        4. Only a small number of stalkers are necessary to keep up the harassment of a single victim.
        5. People are intrinsically good.
        6. There are also good cops, you should remain polite when you talk to them and you should try to keep them as a friend.
      5. Claims that minimize the role of the technology.
        1. The vivid dreams are not entirely artificial but rather a minor manipulation.
        2. Victims are made sick with poison instead of microwaves.
      6. Claims that exotic technology is being used instead of the obvious alternative.
        1. Electronic harassment is done by satellites rather than your neighbors.
        2. Electronic harassment is done by nano-scale implants.
        3. The stalkers would use through-wall radar rather than miniature cameras.
        4. The stalkers would use V2K to communicate with each other rather than a miniature earpiece.
        5. The stalkers would see through your own eyes rather than to use miniature cameras.
        6. Things that grow out of your skin are Morgellons rather than implants.
    2. Half-truths for victims.
      1. The 75% activist will try to replace the mind control terms with terms that are even less known, for example, gang stalking is replaced with organized stalking, electronic harassment is replaced with electronic assaults, V2K is replaced with V2S.
      2. The 50% activist will cut his information in two parts and then upload only the first part.
      3. The 25% activist will make a bad choice to limit the success of his action, for example, he chooses a .info domain instead of a .com domain.
      4. The 0% activist will do something to make his action fail. For example, he publishes an ad, but the text is difficult to read, or he collects complaints and he sends them to the wrong authority, or he encourages others to complain to the wrong authority.
    3. While most disinfo is intentional, the donkey activist will spontaneously repeat someone else’s disinfo.
    4. While most disinfo is a personal choice, the robot activist will forcibly repeat silent hypnosis.
    5. Some activists will deliberately say half-truths because they fear that they will be sent to a mental hospital.

Websites of the semiconscious liberation army in English  [edit]

People with several websites  [edit]

This is often a transition from an old website to a new website.

Andy Lewis from the UK: (He’s a former soldier. He’s an activist for former UK soldiers. He exposed the mass experimental vaccine program on British troops prior to the Gulf war in 1991.)

Benjamin Simon from Belgium: (His sites tell almost the same.)

Dr. Corkin Cherubini (Ph. D. education) from the USA:

Ed Harding has several sites with small variations:

Greg Gamache from the USA, also known as Todd Giffen, notorious for his frivolous court cases:

Dr. Henning Witte (Doctor of Jurisprudence) from Sweden:

Mark Rich from the USA:

Paolo Dorigo from Italy: (He served a long time in prison after a protest action.)

Patrick Dupuis from Canada:

Peter Mooring from the Netherlands: (His sites tell almost the same.)

Stop Gangstalking Awareness Group from Phoenix, Arizona:

Websites of the semiconscious liberation army in other languages  [edit]

Expired websites  [edit]

Short analysis  [edit]

There are links to 211 gang stalking sites on this page.

30 sites have a good name (about 14 %).

About  [edit]

In January 2012 I started It was meant for people who realize that they hear voices, so they go to Google and search hearing voices. Then I explained what voice to skull is, and I gave an introduction to gang stalking. I thought that this website would attract many people who hear voices. But, the information on my website was mainly about gang stalking. So it attracted mainly people who knew already what gang stalking is. So I changed the plan. I started this website. The design is completely different: it’s only one page. The first website had many pages, one for every subject. But, people are used to slow links, so they don’t follow links anymore.

Contents    [hide]

  1. About this website
  2. About Wikipedia
  3. About psychiatry

About this website  [edit]

Perps wrote a paragraph about gang stalking in the Wikipedia article about stalking. This paragraph is very negative for the victims. It’s heavily guarded. If you delete it then they will revert it almost immediately. I’m sure that they do this to influence the search engine results.

Most people will go to their search engine and type gang stalking wiki.

On June 4, 2013 I saw that Google returned 151,000 results for gang stalking wiki.

This was the top of the list:

Google results for gang stalking wiki

I wondered whether I could eventually have a better ranking than Wikipedia on top of this list. Wikipedia is a large site, but the word gang was only 4 times on the Stalking page.

I saw that Google returned some of my websites as result # 1 when I searched for the words in their name.

So I knew that it was doable, especially if I post large texts about gang stalking.

On August 14 I googled gang stalking wiki and my site was already hit number 2.

If I add new text to this site, then it can temporarily be number 1.

On December 16 I googled gang stalking wiki:

Google result for gang stalking wiki

About Wikipedia  [edit]

This section has multiple issues

Wikipedia is not scientific. It’s not coherent. For example, on one page they wrote that Jesus is a historical person. On another page they wrote that Jesus has never existed.

Wikipedia is not neutral. It’s based on what people say on TV, or write in a magazine. That’s not a good reference.

Wikipedia won’t publish a dissenting opinion. For example, they won’t allow that you write about drone attacks on a list of terrorist incidents. They will rather terminate that article.

Wikipedia deletes all articles that are related to gang stalking.

Some facts about Wikipedia  [edit]

The article about PDF file icon Days of our lives doesn’t mention PDF file icon Jason Brooks and PDF file icon Mark Valley.

When Pope Benedict XVI was elected, the Wikipedia editors made a page for him, with a photograph of the villain from Star Wars.

Wikipedia has a lengthy entry on Jesus H. Christ. Wikipedia calls it often humorous, joking and comedic. They refuse to admit that it’s an anti-Christian mockery.

Wikipedia uses unflattering photographs for homosexual persons.

More than thousand pages include the word nigger, many in the page title.

Google result for Barack Obama

Wikipedia denies global warming, water fluoridation and peak oil.

Wikipedia editors alter the use of the terms he or she in articles regarding cross-dressing / transsexual figures. Men attempting to pass as females are called she while women attempting to pass as men are called he. This usage is absolutely incorrect in both scientific and legal senses.

When NBA Basketball player Jason Collins announced that he was a homosexual, his Wikipedia biography was altered to say that he was a faggot. When an editor attempted to change the word to gay Wikipedia’s anti-vandalism robot changed it back.

There are many complaints of falsified biographies. In 2005 the Wikipedia editors attacked prominent journalist John Seigenthaler for requesting that they remove from his biography that he was involved in the assassination of JFK.

Wikipedia falsely reported that the prime minister of Norway, Jens Stoltenberg, was a pedophile who had served time in prison.

Wikipedia page for Jens Stoltenberg

Wikipedia’s article on dinosaurs contains no mention of the strong evidence that they existed alongside humans.

Wikipedia’s main article on communism doesn’t mention any act of genocide in communist countries. Any attempts to edit the page to include this information are deleted. (They butchered 50 million people.)

Professor Duguid looked up the 17th-century English writer Daniel Defoe. He found eight substantial errors in the first paragraph alone, including Defoe’s date of birth, date of death, the town where he was born, his father’s occupation, the reason he changed his name, and the explanation for his rise to notoriety. Professor Duguid: My corrections were undone by people who clearly had little idea what they were talking about almost as quickly as they were made by me.

Wikipedia page for Bill Gates

About psychiatry  [edit]

The 14th century priests burned heretics alive. This was logic, rational, reasonable and scientific. Psychiatry is just the same. Poisoning, butchering or electrocuting someone’s brain is logic, rational, reasonable and scientific. They believe nonsense. They believe it sincerely. They become extremely convinced of it. They strive forever incessantly to make others agree and conform to their own ideas and expectations of belief and behavior. The religious fanatic and the scientific zealot are simple different versions of the same nutty phenomenon. The content of their assertions and beliefs differ, but the manner in which they function is exactly the same. In a very real sense both the 14th century priest and the modern psychiatrist are nothing more than very dull people, incapable of calm detached observation of what actually is, and who chronically believe and assert very stupid ideas that far too many other people readily accept without any careful examination or resistance. And the funniest part is that generally the scientific folks attack and claim to be so superior to the religious folks, in terms of truth, reason and legitimacy when they really do exactly the same thing! They suffer from the same degree of lunacy as did the religious nuts of the past which they so correctly criticize and attack.

Do not base your opinion only on what members of the psychiatric field tell you. Liquor manufacturers will not tell you that their products cause liver damage, that they are the source of numerous automobile related deaths every year, and encourage you to cease drinking liquor. In fact, they will involve themselves and you in endless rational discussions and reasonable arguments about responsible partying, drinking with control, designated drivers, take lots of B vitamins and so on, and do everything but suggest the one and only effective and sensible thing. Simply choose not to drink at all and encourage others to do the same. Similarly, no psychiatrist will tell you that psychiatric procedures harm people and that you should avoid them at all cost. Even if he or she knew or suspected this, he or she couldn’t endure the loss of income, status and authority this would entail. After all, psychiatry is primarily a business. It is a money-making venture just like the liquor manufacturers. It is not a field ultimately concerned with helping people and society. Any honest study of its history and practices makes this abundantly clear. And again, pay no attention to what they say or claim. People can and do believe and say anything, and far too often what they say and believe has nothing at all to do with truth or your best interests.

The mental health community aids in repression by directly diagnosing and even institutionalizing against their will people who claim to be mind control victims. This is nothing short of the former Soviet system of using psychiatry to discredit and silence dissidents and others. There really are mentally ill people, and their illnesses are used as cover lies for torture. The mental health system should be considered collaborators in repression, at least until their diagnostic manuals have entries for electronic and other mind control, nonconsensual experimentation, and trauma and torture sequelae due to harassment campaigns. The psychiatric community is used to enforce belief in the socially demanded delusion that the government does not engage in extrajudicial torture and harassment of its own citizens (and the delusion that the psychiatric community doesn’t have years of mind control blood on its hands).

The psychiatric and psychological communities are also used as tools in the repression and torture. Sometimes wittingly, sometimes unwittingly, mental health workers aid in and help cover up mind control operations. First, these communities aid in the repression by advertising mental illnesses and their symptoms while ignoring technological means for inflicting the same symptoms. They ignore the reality of government harassment campaigns and nonconsensual experimentation on the public. This lays the groundwork for mind control victims to be labeled as mentally ill and dismissed, or for some half-educated person to think that they are helping by suggesting that the victim “get psychiatric help.” Deniability is one of the first principles of covert action, and inflicting torture which mimics the symptoms of mental illness is not especially novel. The deniability is preserved by publicizing mental illnesses while denying mind control technology and harassment techniques.

About the author  [edit]

I’m a victim from Belgium. I was born in 1969. I’m Bachelor of Informatics.

Meadow: I’m a victim of gang stalking

Contents    [hide]

  1. Name
  2. Story
  3. RF scans
  4. Hobby

Name  [edit]

My name is Cliff Huylebroeck.

First name  [edit]

Cliff is the abbreviation of Clifford.

Ford is a wetland next to a hill or mountain.

Family name  [edit]

Huylebroeck is medieval Dutch.

Huylebroeck = huyl + broeck = owl + wetland.

The word broeck means literally land broken by water. The word broek is still used for the area next to a river that is flooded when the river is high, to prevent that the water will run over the dike at a random place.

Pronounce as Hullebrook with long u, Spanish r, and short oo, and with the stress on the first syllable. When we speak dialect, then we also omit the H.

Anagram  [edit]

My full name is:

	Cliff Henri Godelieve Julia Lucien Huylebroeck

Henri and Godelieve are my grandparents. Lucien and Julia are my parents. Everyone in my family has such a series of first names. This is very unusual here in Belgium.

This can be rearranged to:

He, ik ben Lucifer, loco Lucifer, je gay duivel in hel

This means literally:

Hi, I’m Lucifer, crazy Lucifer, your gay devil in hell

This is extremely rare.

My name contains the characters of 2 crown princes of hell (Belial and Lucifer) and 6 infernal names (Bilé, Dagon, Kali, Loki, Nergal and Nija).

Gematria  [edit]

The gematria value of my first name:

	Cliff = 3 + 12 + 9 + 6 + 6 = 36 = 666

The gematria value of my birthday:

	17/3/1969 = 1 + 7 + 3 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 9 = 36 = 666

This is rare, but not extremely rare.

Conclusion  [edit]

The chance that they arranged the marriage of my parents as well as my grandparents to make this possible is much higher than the chance that this is a coincidence.

In my opinion, it means that the harassment of myself was planned more than 30 years before I was born. I was created to be harassed.

To be more precise, I doubt that they are my family, and I doubt that they are family of each other.

I’m the only one in my family with yellow/blue color blindness. This is inherited. So they can’t be my family.

Story  [edit]

The full-scale harassment started in 1980. You find my story in the European victim stories in the eBooks section.

Voice to skull messages that I hear frequently since 2008:

  1. In Dutch:
    1. “Wat?” (“What?”)
    2. “Smous.” (“Jew.” (derogatory))
    3. “Doe dat.” (“Do that.”)
    4. “Goed, hé.” (“Good, huh.”)
    5. “Bravo.”
    6. “Goed gedaan.” (“Well done.”)
    7. “Kapitein.” (“Captain.”)
    8. “Ik ben God.” (“I am God.”)
    9. “Hij heeft het door.” (“He’s got it.”)
    10. “Ik heb kanker.” (“I have cancer.”)
    11. “Wat is dat allemaal?” (“What’s that all about?”)
  2. In French:
    1. “Ta gueule.” (“Shut your mouth.”)
    2. “Tout va bien.” (“Everything goes well.”)
    3. “N’ayez pas peur.” (“Don’t be afraid.”)
    4. “Espèce de salaud.” (“Piece of shit.”)
  3. In English:
    1. “OK.”
    2. “Come on.”
    3. “Criminal.”
    4. “Hospital.”

RF scans  [edit]

For some time I organized RF scanning sessions.

Watch the scanning of myself on Vimeo.

Watch the scanning of my house on Vimeo.

Watch the scanning of Erika Dashdorj Erdenetsetseg on Vimeo.

Hobby  [edit]

I use my shareware programs to promote my website.

Statistics  [edit]

There are 77 eBooks on this page with a total of 5503 pages.

The website is hosted on a server in the Netherlands. It keeps track of all the requests, HTTP as well as FTP and MAIL. I can download these data and analyze them.

Contents    [hide]

  1. Search strings

Search strings  [edit]

People arrived on this website by searching several thousands of terms.

Some people actually searched how they could become a gang stalker.

Below I list a few hundred of terms. This will give you more insight in how people think.

  1. 40 year old who behaves unethically stalking
  2. a gang stalking in the uk
  3. advertisement against stalking
  4. air horn gang harassment
  5. air stalking washington
  6. alien implants pdf
  7. all women stalk wiki
  8. ambulances stalking people
  9. are freemason organizations known as informants in tx
  10. are gang stalkers satanists
  11. are gang stalkers usually veterans
  12. are gangstalking victims usually disabled
  13. are most gangstalkers gay
  14. are people targeted by paid vandalism and harassment
  15. arkansas sick gang kills people
  16. army gang harassment
  17. artist gangstalked
  18. australia electronic stalker gangs
  19. australian government funding gangstalking
  20. backyard gang stalked
  21. baldwin neighbor stalking movie
  22. becoming a gang stalker
  23. being gang stalked by sinister cult
  24. being stalked by terrorist
  25. best encyclopedia targeted individuals
  26. birds won’t go where electronic harassment
  27. burn out from gangstalking
  28. california dept of correction illegally harassing and stalking with rfid
  29. can someone putting cameras everywhere be charged with harassing in uk
  30. can two people who live together be gang stalked
  31. can you be gangstalked for being attractive
  32. catholic church stalking people
  33. catholic church’s fraternal order of police’s gangstalking tactics
  34. cause stalking wiki
  35. ceiling cracks used as gangstalking tactic
  36. child implant victim navy hospital
  37. chinese stalking tactics
  38. church group stalking
  39. colors that represent stalking
  40. community stalking wikipedia
  41. constance owens crazy harassing neighbor
  42. control factor
  43. cops gang stalking
  44. court cases of gangstalking in south africa
  45. criminal stalking gangs psychotronic heart attack guns
  46. crowd stalking
  47. dark justice gang stalking
  48. dead bird gang stalking
  49. death by gang stalking
  50. demonic harrasment low voice calling my name shocks
  51. department of housing bullying and stalking
  52. diagnosis of a mobbing victim method
  53. direct energy weapons war on terror and homosexual mafia
  54. dissident movements targeted individuals south africa
  55. dissidents belfast anti drug punishment gang
  56. do gang stalkers get paid
  57. do gang stalkers have a party when a ti takes his/her life
  58. do gang stalkers have to agree to arranged marriages and adoption
  59. do gang stalking victim ever survive the stalking
  60. do gangs attack when you sleep
  61. do gangs make sounds to each other that mean something
  62. do gangstalkers go to church
  63. do gangsters stalk people
  64. do german police stalk you when you don’t have papers
  65. do not join gang stalkers
  66. do people claim to hear voices when stalked by the mafia
  67. do police ever help gangstalking victims
  68. do satanists stalk their victims
  69. do the followers australia gangstalkers have cloaking suits or devices
  70. do the police use electronic mind control for convicting gangsters
  71. does bill gates use gangstalkers also
  72. does gang stalking follow you to other cities
  73. does the mafia use electronic harassment
  74. dr john hall is a perp
  75. eleanor white gang stalking tactics tao syndrome
  76. electricity gas tv gangstalkers
  77. electronic harassment causing headache
  78. emf stalking in german cities
  79. ex gang stalker
  80. ex girlfriend recruited by gang stalkers
  81. ex husband gang stalking
  82. expert on gang stalking
  83. extreme organized stalking
  84. families gang stalk
  85. female cartel gangstalkers
  86. female stalkers wife target
  87. ffchs disinfo group
  88. fighting the you will get sent to mental hospital if you admit organized or gang stalking
  89. film shows how gang stalkers contact
  90. films about gangstalking
  91. find your gang stalker
  92. florida community stalking conspiracies
  93. foia on gangstalking
  94. free download books on top gangsters of the world
  95. freemason gang stalking
  96. freemasons and the mind control prison paradigm
  97. freemasons are behind gang stalking
  98. freemasons harass women
  99. freemasons stalking
  100. freemasons the purge and street gangs
  101. french stalker terrorist
  102. gagged gang stalking perps murdered for talking
  103. gang bullying
  104. gang chip
  105. gang conspiracy theory
  106. gang harassment
  107. gang members stalking women
  108. gang of male harrasers criminal group
  109. gang of stalking
  110. gang rape stalking
  111. gang raped and stalked and robbed in nj
  112. gang stalk cover for theft
  113. gang stalk cult los angeles
  114. gang stalk gay
  115. gang stalked how do they find me
  116. gang stalker victims reported missing
  117. gang stalker wiki
  118. gang stalkers are in my house
  119. gang stalkers arrested
  120. gang stalkers asking about your schedule at work
  121. gang stalkers enabling cell phone cameras
  122. gang stalkers in colton ca neighbors using fumes
  123. gang stalkers intention
  124. gang stalkers telling targets what to buy in the store
  125. gang stalkers voice 2 skull lies
  126. gang stalkers who mess with your electricity
  127. gang stalkers will get you when you least expect it
  128. gang stalking and secret societies
  129. gang stalking baby crying voice
  130. gang stalking by hot girls
  131. gang stalking chip remove
  132. gang stalking church
  133. gang stalking color harassment
  134. gang stalking crazy chicks
  135. gang stalking does not work
  136. gang stalking drug dealer
  137. gang stalking getting someone out of your life as painless as possible
  138. gang stalking is freemasonry at work
  139. gang stalking is the masons
  140. gang stalking landlord
  141. gang stalking leaked information
  142. gang stalking loud stereos
  143. gang stalking mafia
  144. gang stalking murder
  145. gang stalking parents
  146. gang stalking red jackets red cars
  147. gang stalking soldiers of satan
  148. gang stalking to take victims property and money
  149. gang stalking using chip
  150. gang stalking victim goverment or mafia
  151. gang stalking victim moves out of state and runs for congress
  152. gang stalking victims drive by shooting
  153. gang stalking victims implant in calve
  154. gang stalking walking dead
  155. gang stalking while grocery shopping
  156. gang stalking white trucks
  157. gang stalking who pays the perps
  158. gang stalking with cloak
  159. gangstalker fear campaign
  160. gangstalker symbols
  161. gangstalker training
  162. gangstalkers are satanists
  163. gangstalkers are trying to kill me
  164. gangstalkers compromised my cell phone again
  165. gangstalkers constantly walking their dogs
  166. gangstalkers contact people known to the victim with the premise of helping the victim
  167. gangstalkers driving white cars
  168. gangstalkers frame victim as drug dealer
  169. gangstalkers hate their name
  170. gangstalkers in suits
  171. gangstalkers pounding thru walls synchronized with what your watching on tv
  172. gangstalkers voices in my head hate it when i watch porn
  173. gangstalkers with bird calls
  174. gangstalking as an alternative to incarceration
  175. gangstalking boyfriend is perp
  176. gangstalking design
  177. gangstalking doesn’t exist
  178. gangstalking encyclopedia
  179. gangstalking hot spots london england
  180. gangstalking in scottish nursing homes
  181. gangstalking inheritance
  182. gangstalking is a money scam
  183. gangstalking is about control
  184. gangstalking is accepted
  185. gangstalking kiwi
  186. gangstalking reasons
  187. gangstalking recorded on store security camera
  188. gangstalking single elderly women
  189. gangstalking symbols
  190. gangstalking technology waking up in angry
  191. gangstalking using website links
  192. gangstalking victims have short lived lives
  193. gangstalking wife girlfriend perp
  194. gangstalking with gases and poison
  195. gangstalking women mentally ill
  196. gay gang stalking
  197. going to the police about gang stalking
  198. good things about gang stalking
  199. gotta love the gang stalker
  200. group stalking in churches
  201. harassment and indirect speech stalked by mafioso
  202. harassment by neighbors instructed by police
  203. harassment victim number of moves
  204. has anyone ever escaped gangstalking
  205. hate crime and electric weapon
  206. help freemasons are stalking me
  207. high ranking military intelligence officers stalking psychological
  208. homosexual initiation and blackmail in gangstalking
  209. homosexual schizophrenia pie chart
  210. how are gangstalkers recruited
  211. how are people close to the gangstalking victim convinced to join in the harassment
  212. how can i clear my name and stop the gang stalking
  213. how can journalists stalk people
  214. how do gang stalkers choose targets
  215. how do gang stalkers communicate
  216. how do gangstalkers make you sleepy
  217. how do gov gangstalkers force a target to suicide
  218. how do i end gangstalking that i experienced
  219. how do i gang stalk someone
  220. how do organized stalkers wire a house to shake
  221. how do people know what person to gang stalk
  222. how do they determine who they gang stalk
  223. how does gang stalking start
  224. how gang stalkers kill their victims
  225. how gangstalkers select you
  226. how long has gang stalking been around
  227. how many electronic gang stalkers are gay
  228. how not to fear gangstalking decision making
  229. how to arrange gang stalking
  230. how to be in a gang stalking group
  231. how to gangstalk someone
  232. how to get rid of gang torcher in school
  233. how to locate where gang stalkers are shooting dew from
  234. how to spot a gangstalking perp playing victim
  235. how to survive cult stalking
  236. how to tell if someone is secretly in a gang
  237. how will you set your mind when few people gang up and abuse you
  238. i will help you gang stalking
  239. if your are being gang stalked in your neighborhood what do gun shots mean
  240. in which country did gang stalking originate
  241. individuals who have made it through organized stalking
  242. innocent women are being gang stalked for not sleeping with mentally insane stalker
  243. is it pure hatred that you are stalked
  244. jilted ex put me on some gangstalking hit list
  245. joining secret societies to escape gangstalking
  246. killed by gang stalkers
  247. large group of people conspiring and stalking one person what is the legals of that
  248. lawyers for cops harrasing and gang following
  249. list of stalking victims
  250. longest stalking case ever
  251. longest stalking in history
  252. longest stalking victim
  253. love obsessed stalker with helpers
  254. macro counter espionage mobbing stalking
  255. mafia and microwave weapons
  256. medical experiment on black inmate
  257. militant group stalking
  258. mind control and number 42
  259. mind controlled to be abused fag
  260. mob stalking
  261. mobstalking
  262. modes of stalking gang
  263. moson police harass people using hypno
  264. movie about lawyers and stalking
  265. movies on gang stalking
  266. multiple stalking
  267. my dad is a gangstalking perpetrator
  268. my neighbor has a satellite dish and they are electronically harassing me
  269. names of known gang stalkers in arizona
  270. navy gangstalkers
  271. neighborhood gangstalkers want me to kill myself
  272. neighbors who are friends of ex wife are gang stalkers
  273. new age stalking
  274. nj fbi implanting rfid in mental patients
  275. o-blood and gangstalking
  276. organized stalking can get you up to 10 years in prison
  277. organized stalking for the betterment of society
  278. organized stalking seeing the same cars all the time
  279. overwhelming feeling of dread targeted individual
  280. people following me around telling me i’m a bum
  281. people that got caught with voice to skull
  282. people who believe gangstalkers have all the power are so wrong
  283. perps can get in homes at night and move or change items of targeted individuals
  284. personnel website for gangstalkers to communicate with other gangstalkers
  285. police deny gang stalking
  286. police gangstalking contact people telling them they want to help the victim
  287. police stalking political revenge
  288. proof that freemasons are gang stalkers
  289. proven cases of gang stalking
  290. psychiatrist specializing in gangstalking
  291. psychology countermeasures
  292. real targeted individual electronic implantations
  293. red and white stalking
  294. red cars stalking
  295. satanist harassment
  296. secret gov program to plant middle schoolers in drug rings
  297. secret society master stalking
  298. sign of gang electrical harassment
  299. signs teacher is gang stalked
  300. single women gangstalking
  301. skulls gang stalking
  302. spouse gang stalking
  303. stalked by my neighbor wiki
  304. stalker gang
  305. stalkers who pretend you stalk them
  306. stalking by multiple individuals legal
  307. stalking circle
  308. stalking gang
  309. stalking in nazi germany
  310. stalking mind
  311. stalking with voice imitation
  312. substance abuse rehab that uses group stalking and hypnosis
  313. target kills gangstalker
  314. target of mafia stalking
  315. telling the police you are being stalked by gang members
  316. the difference between private investigators and gang stalkers
  317. tired of gangstalking
  318. underground help for gang stalking
  319. very irritating police australia
  320. vigilante stalking
  321. virginia electronic torture victims
  322. was i secretly joined in a gang
  323. what are odds of two men who know each other electronically stalking you
  324. what do gang stalkers do to dogs
  325. what do gang stalkers use to cause asthma attack
  326. what does a green star mean to organized group stalkers
  327. what does it mean when a gang stalker tips his hat
  328. what does it mean when someone calls you a gang stalker
  329. what is the most common time of day that gangs attack victims
  330. which country is free of gang stalking and electronic harassment
  331. who can get someone out of a gangstalking program
  332. who funds gang stalking
  333. who invented gang stalking
  334. who is the leader of organized stalking
  335. who to call when being mind controlled and gang stalked
  336. who to contact about organized stalking via internet
  337. who trains gang stalkers
  338. why are female veterans victims of organized gang stalking
  339. why are gang stalkers afraid of their victims
  340. why are gangstalkers so filled with hate
  341. why are perps covertly stalking and electronic harassing one of the pet dogs
  342. why are single women targeted by gang stalkers
  343. why are so many people gang stalked in new england
  344. why do americans approve of gangstalking
  345. why do companies participate in stalking
  346. why do free masons drug hurt and gang rape unconscious female victims
  347. why do gang stalkers want to come and go at the same time you do
  348. why do masons participate in gang stalking
  349. why do organized gang stalkers talk about god when they themselves don’t believe
  350. why do people join in gangstalking someone they do not know
  351. why do the police allow organized stalking
  352. why do utility companies gang stalk
  353. why does god allow evil people to electronically harass people when he has the ability to stop them
  354. why has no one shot a gang stalker
  355. why isolate gang stalking victims
  356. why would family gang stalk you
  357. wife stalking with rfid
  358. wikileaks government gang stalking
  359. women implanted electronically stalking
  360. word web chart on old people harassment
  361. worst places for gangstalking
  362. would i get hurt if i called a gang stalker a bad name
  363. year gang stalking first reported

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