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Gang stalking wiki  [edit]

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I created this website because I found that there should be an alternative to the paragraph about gang stalking on the page about stalking on Wikipedia.
The layout of this website will remind you of this.

You can download this website with my program GSW Copier for Windows 98 to Windows 8. If I upload a new version of the program, then the old versions will stop working.

Contents    [hide]

  1. Science
    1. Gang stalking according to criminologist Jean-Nicolas Desurmont
    2. Other scientific articles
  2. Scientific community
    1. Gang stalking according to Professor Gerald Sosbee
    2. Gang stalking according to sociologist Dr. Tomo Shibata
    3. Gang stalking according to historian Dr. Reidar Visser
    4. The body electric
    5. Articles written by doctors
  3. Articles
    1. News articles
    2. Magazine articles
    3. Articles written by ordinary citizens
  4. Introduction
    1. History
    2. Terms
    3. Mobbing and bullying
    4. Stalking statistics
    5. Vigilantes
  5. Mind control
    1. Mind control
    2. Targeted individuals
    3. Who and why
  6. Gang stalking
    1. Gang stalking
    2. Signs of gang stalking
    3. Vehmic tribunal
  7. Electronic harassment
    1. Electronic harassment
    2. Signs of electronic harassment
    3. Voice to skull
    4. Dream to skull
    5. Patents
    6. Devices
  8. Epilogue
    1. Testimonies
    2. Advice
    3. Warnings
    1. Booklets
    2. Books
    3. Comic strip albums
    4. Emails
    5. Kooky stuff
    6. Letters
    7. Manifestos
    8. Poll results
    9. Radio shows
    10. Reports
    11. Statements
    12. Victim stories
  10. Historical reference
    1. Advertisements
    2. Bible
    3. Billboards
    4. Movies
    5. Operas
    6. Printed books
    7. Video games
    8. Websites
  11. Support
    1. Supporting celebrities
    2. Supporting doctors
    3. Supporting organizations
    4. Supporting professionals
  12. About
    1. About the author
    2. About this website
    3. Site statistics

Disclaimer  [edit]

This website is meant for information purposes only.
You shouldn’t rely on any advice that it contains or take any action in reliance on it without the aid of professional advice.

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Gang stalking is slow murder

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I hope that you like the new design.

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Every page has its own comments now.

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Major update.

Quality label  [edit]

This website is allowed to display a quality label because it has no references to delusional information that claims that mind control could be done by satellites.


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