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Gang stalking wiki

Gang stalking is a destructive activity like mobbing and bullying. As the world is larger than the workplace and the school, gang stalking is also happening at a larger scale than mobbing and bullying.

Gang stalking is as if everyone is singing: “You are shit. We don’t want you here.”

The word gang stalking was originally a synonym for the children’s game Indians. This was mentioned in a book from 1969. This suggests that in 1969 gang stalking was already so widespread that children imitated it in the playground.

Gang stalking is not an exotic attack from spooky government agencies which target a handful of victims. Gang stalking is one of the most common practices. For a large part of the population stalking is their normal lifestyle.

It is however, not possible to forget about gang stalking, and get on with your life because the stalkers use electronic weapons. You never get used to it, just like you never get used to toothache and headache.

The stalkers don’t kill you directly. They aim to destroy your life to the point that you are better off dead.

Gang stalking is comparable to acid throwing. When I leave my house, then an acid thrower is the first thing that I watch out for.


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  1. Introduction
    1. History
    2. Mind control
    3. Targeted individuals
  2. Gang stalking
    1. Origin of the word gang stalking
    2. Gang stalking
    3. Signs of gang stalking
    4. Who and why
    5. The stalking of former Professor James Tracy
    6. Vehmic tribunal
    7. Props
  3. Electronic harassment
    1. Origin of the word electronic harassment
    2. Electronic harassment laws
    3. Notorious cases
    4. Signs of electronic harassment
    5. Technologies
      1. Echolocation (under construction)
      2. Subvocal recognition
      3. Brain wave recognition
      4. Microwave hearing
      5. Hearing voices
      6. Voice to skull
      7. Dream to skull
      8. Exploding head syndrome
      9. Memory fogging (under construction)
      10. Mood alteration (under construction)
    6. Patents
    7. Devices
    8. RF scans
  4. If you are a target
    1. Testimonies
    2. Countering the perps
    3. Advice
    4. Warnings
    5. Complaints
      1. Complaining to doctors about gang stalking
      2. Complaining to the police about electronic harassment
    6. Disinfo
  5. Similar crimes
    1. Mobbing and bullying
    2. Flash mob robberies (under construction)
    3. Vigilantes
    4. Stalking laws
    5. Stalking statistics
    6. Study by the JAMA Pediatrics Network in 2013
  6. Science
    1. Gang stalking
      1. Jean-Nicolas Desurmont (criminologist)
    2. Electronic harassment
      1. International union of radio science
      2. Professor Amin Muhammad (psychiatrist)
      3. Professor Michael Persinger (psychologist)
      4. † Professor Robert Becker (physician)
    3. Implants
      1. Professor Kathryn Kelley (psychologist)
  7. Scientific community
    1. Gang stalking
      1. Dr. Tomo Shibata (sociologist)
      2. Dr. Reidar Visser (historian)
      3. Dr. Keith Labella (attorney)
      4. Former Professor Geral Sosbee (attorney)
    2. Electronic harassment
      1. Former Professor Reinhard Munzert (psychologist)
    3. Implants
      1. † Dr. Rauni Kilde (physician)
    4. Articles written by other doctors
    5. Verified doctors
  8. Unscientific resources
    1. Advertisements
    2. Articles
      1. News articles
      2. Magazine articles
      3. Articles written by ordinary citizens
    3. Bible
    4. Billboards
    5. Books
      1. e-books
      2. e-booklets
      3. Printed books
    6. Emails
    7. Kooky stuff
    8. Letters
    9. Manifestos
    10. Poll results
    11. Radio shows
    12. Reports
    13. Statements
    14. Victim stories
    15. Websites
  9. Popular culture
    1. Comic strip albums
    2. Movies
    3. Songs
    4. Operas
    5. Theater
    6. Video games
    7. Etcetera
  10. Support
    1. Supporting celebrities
    2. Supporting doctors
    3. Supporting organizations
    4. Supporting professionals
  11. About
    1. About the author
    2. About this website
      1. Idea behind this website
      2. Technical note
      3. Reviews
      4. You can make it better
      5. Recent comments
      6. Site paths
      7. Sitemap
    3. About Wikipedia
    4. About psychiatry


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WTXL-TV, Tallahassee, wins INVESTIGATIVE award in the 2016 Florida AP Broadcasters Contest with the article "Insiders - Gang Stalking - Myron May".


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